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In order to play poker you need to know your hand rankings this is the order of importance of the hand you are holding (your best possible poker hand to the lowest possible poker hand) the poker hand rankings images below are placed in order of importance from the best poker hand you can possibly make while playing poker a royal flush to the least best hand a high card hand, for beginners you should know that poker hand rankings are the very first part of learning to play poker (all hands in texas holdem consist of utilizing five cards in total (you are dealt two cards to begin with and then five cards are dealt on to the table placed face up ( more about these five cards below see how to play poker the simple basics for beginners ) you have two choices you can use one of your cards that you hold in your hand and 4 cards from the table,or you can use both of your cards and 3 cards from the table to make your required hand of five cards.


Generally whether you are playing poker at home in a casino or club or poker online a table consist's of anywhere from one to ten players and a dealer ,the dealer will deal from left to right passing what is called the dealer button to the next player after each poker hand has finished the first player after the button places what is called the small blind (this is a small amount to start the game off) the next player places the big blind this is double the amount of the small blind and is again to start the game off, all players are then dealt two cards each face down from the dealer button (these are called whole cards) so no other players can see their cards and each player looks at his or her cards, now the betting starts with the player after the big blind and should that player wish to stay in the hand he or she must at least put in to the pot the value of the big blind, or he or she may choose to raise in which case every other play that follows must match his or her raise or fold or choose to raise even more ,this continues until the remaining players have all contributed the same amount to the pot or folded.

Following this round of betting the dealer then deals three cards face up on the table (these three cards are called the flop) as before another round of betting in sues until all players have either checked (checked = each player in turn chose not to bet by saying check or tapping the table to indicate a no bet) or all players have placed a bet of the same amount ,following this the next card is turned over called the turn card or fourth street, then as before another round of betting or checking ensues and the last and final card is dealt called the river card after the river card comes a final round of betting with players choosing to check , fold or bet until the remaining players have again placed the same amount in to the pot ,the winner is determined by the sole remaining player or the best hand from the remaining players made up of either one card from your whole cards and four cards from the table or both your whole cards and three cards from the table.


The Best Possible Poker Hand is called a Royal Flush

The best possible hand a player can make playing poker is called a royal flush and is the best hand rankings poker hand ,the hand consists of a 5 card run all in the same suit i.e. using only one of the four available suits (hearts,clubs,spades or diamonds) and also only consisting of an ace king queen jack and ten of any of these suits to make your royal flush, see image below for example.

Royal Flush The Highest Possible Hand In Poker

The Second Best Hand is Called A Straight Flush

The second highest hand in poker hand rankings consists of any 5 card straight in the same suit without using an ace after a king and only using an ace for a low run like ace two three four five as to avoid the hand becoming a royal flush so to make a straight flush that's ace counting as one and the use of any cards up to king in the same suit and consecutive see example below.

A Straight Flush is the second highest possible hand in poker

The Third Best Hand is Called Four Of A Kind

Four of a kind consists of any four cards the same like 4 aces which would be the best four of a kind hand then four kings, all the way down to four two's see image below four example of four of a kind and is the third highest hand rankings poker hand in poker .

A Full House the third highest possible hand in poker a player can make

The Fourth Best Hand is Called A Full House

A full house consists of any three of a kind from aces to two's plus any pair from aces to two's so the best full house a player could make would be three aces and two kings and the lowest would be three three's and two two's ,again see example image of a full house found below and is the fourth highest hand rankings poker hand.

A Full House is the fourth highest possible hand in poker

The Fifth Best Hand is Called A Flush

A flush consists of any 5 cards that are made up of the same suit i.e. (five diamonds or five clubs, five spades or five hearts) ,when two or more players have a flush the winner is determined by the player with the highest card in his or her hand and if both or more players have the same high card but in different suits the winner is determined by the next highest card and so on ,the best flush hand is an ace flush, ace being a high card followed by a king down to a two see image below of a flush, a flush is the fifth highest hand rankings poker hand in poker .

A Flush is the fifth highest possible hand in poker

The Sixth Best Hand is Called A Straight

A straight consist's of any five card run made up from any suit , the best straight a player could make would be ace, king, queen,jack,ten and lowest straight card run would be ace, two, three,four, five, see image below for an example of a straight, a straight is the sixth best possible hand rankings poker hand a player can make .

A Straight is the sixth possible highest hand in poker

The Seventh Best Hand is Three of A Kind

Three of a kind is made up of any three cards the same and any other two cards that do not make up a pair ,the highest three of a kind hand is three aces the kings down through the pack to the lowest three of a kind made up of three two's .see example of three of kind below, three of a kind is the seventh best hand rankings poker hand possible.

Three of a Kind is the seventh best possible poker hand a player can make

The Eighth Best Hand is Called Two Pair

Two pair is made up of two sets of cards the same i.e. two aces and two seven's the best two pair a player can make is two aces and two kings the lowest two pair being two threes and two two's see example image of two pair, two pair is the eighth nest possible hand rankings poker hand a player can make in a game of poker .

Two Pair is the eighth best possible hand in poker

The Ninth Best Hand is Called A pair

A single pair is made up of any two cards the same again the highest pair a player can make is aces then kings down through the pack until reaching a pair of two's, see example below of a pair , a single pair is the ninth best possible hand rankings poker hand in poker.

A Single Pair is the ninth best possible hand in poker

The Tenth Best Hand is A High Card Hand

A high card is the lowest hand in poker and consist's of your five cards not combining to make any of the hands found above, the highest high card hand contains an ace (known as ace high) the next would be king high all way down to your lowest card made up from the 7 cards available, if two players hold the same high hand the next card comes into play and so on see image of a high card hand for an example,a high card is the tenth best possible poker hand rankings poker hand.

A High Card hand is the lowest possible hand a player can make playing poker

Poker Hands Trainer

There are many poker variations besides n/l (no limit holdem) but all the hand rankings remain the same for the most part so learning your hand rankings is key to learning to play poker online and offline, our poker hand trainer will test how much you have learned from the hand rankings chart or even help you learn the poker hand order without the need of a chart, the poker trainer can see how fast he can recognize poker hands.

Some of the requirements needed to play poker .

Patience (most important factor ) • skill (this is learned by reading and playing over time your game skill level will improve) • Luck ( there is an eliminate of luck involved in poker there's no question about that ).

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